The more children you have, the harder it is to guard their hearts.  We should want to guard their hearts.  It is part of our God given responsibility as parents.  It isn’t easy, in todays’ society, to guard the heart of even one child.  When you have multiple children, you are blessed in a multiplied way but it also brings multiple challenges because no two children are alike.  SO if God expects us to guard the hearts of our children, what does that mean?

The Bible puts it this way in Proverbs 4:23 “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”  The word “keep” means to guard and protect.  So we protect the heart of children because that is where they will reach decisions regarding the issues of life.  How do we do that in a society filled with garbage?  We plan for the garbage.

We have five kids.  None of them ever heard a curse word until they started working on the bus ministry at our church.  How did this happen?  We order a device called TV guardian for our lone television set.  Guess what? It worked.  We could watch TV and not hear the foul language.  Then along came the internet age.  Today kids stream it on their phones, their computers, their tablets and any other device that can connect somehow to the internet.

Also, today it is more than simple profanity. Visual imagery is everywhere.  These images include acts of violence, criminal acts, sexual acts……simple nudity in considered mild.  The question again becomes this.  How do we take our responsibility as parents seriously and guard the hearts of our children?

The answer is found in a software solution known as “Covenant Eyes.”  This awesome software has layers of protection for every member of the family – husbands, wives, and children.  When we talk about keeping or guarding the heart – this is a huge step in the right direction.  On computers, you know every site visited and who did the visiting.  You even know what pop-ups were blocked.  It prevents young people from going to sites that you do not want them to go to.  On tablets and phones – it lets you know every site that has been visited and every app that has been run.  You can KNOW how long your child was on Facebook or Instagram or any other site.  Everyone in the family gets the same level of protection and accountability.

It is amazing and affordable tools for protecting your family.  For more information, go to the Covenant Eyes wbanner_16ebsite.

Even though our children are nearly grown, our desire is still to guard not only their hearts, but also the hearts of our grandchildren.  We know that Covenant Eyes helps us with that challenging responsibility.