Our overall philosophy is that we should preach the Word and love the people.  We desire to be a church that people come to because they want to, not out of some sense of obligation.  With that in mind, New life Baptist Church is an independent, Bible believing, Baptist church. There are some things we make a big deal about….

1) Bring a Bible. We teach and preach the Word of God and refer to it often during the services.

2) Prepare to sing. We have an enthusiastic, traditional, music service and we encourage everyone to sing along.

3) Wear a smile. We encourage folks to dress in a manner that honors God, but you’ll be greeted with a smile and we hope you’ll wear one as well.

4) Everyone can participate. We have Sunday school classes for kids, and at the same time, a Bible class for adults. So the adults can be attentive and learn from the services, we have an active junior church program. Our nursery is available for every service and it is staffed by caring ladies who will care for your little ones.

5) Enjoy the fellowship of caring people. We truly feel that New life is a place where strangers become friends and friends become family.