The Internship Program

Every student, for every semester enrolled, is required to complete and internship for the semester.

The internship program outlines ministry participation guidelines for the student.  The pastor of the local church that the student attends has a lot of flexibility in what specific areas of service the student would take part in.  Given that, there is no solid way to define what the internship would consist of.  CMBC simply offer the pastor some guidelines.  During the time a student is enrolled, they will be asked to participate in the music or media ministry, children’s ministries,adult ministries and more.  How that participation is defined really does depend on what the pastor sees as needs within the local church.  It really is up to him.

There are some things you can count on.  Each student each week, has to put four hours into soul winning and/or visitation.  Each student must complete the internship.  No degree will be awarded unless the internships are complete.  The internships are progressive in nature.  Each semester, another area of responsibility is added.  By the time a person graduates with a four year degree, that person will be actively involved in many areas of the church operation.