What Is Church Ministries Baptist College?

Church Ministries Baptist College is a ministry of New Life Baptist Church in Jay, Maine.  It was designed to help the pastor train families in his church who wanted to earn a Bible college degree, but for various reasons could not move to a traditional Bible college environment.

What does is cost?

The cost of the college is $250 per calendar year.  It is a flat rate. The program is designed to be completed in three years.

Other online colleges are free.  Why is there a cost for CMBC?

The principle is found in Romans 12:1 and 2 Samuel 24:22-24.  We are to be a living sacrifice unto the Lord and David explained the principle, “neither will I offer burnt offerings unto the LORD my God of that which doth cost me nothing.”  Add that to human nature – when something costs us nothing, we tend to value it less.  With all of these factors considered, we felt it would be good to charge enough to simply cover the cost of maintaining the college site.  This was how we arrived at $250 per calendar year.

How do you complete a four year degree in three years?

Education is more than book learning.  One of the unique features of the college revolves around the relationship you have with your pastor.  We can not define that.  Your pastor must participate in your learning process.  As long as you are enrolled at CMBC, you are required to participate in the internship program. You pastor oversees this portion of the education.  Your work with your pastor is counted toward your college credit.

Can I get done faster than the three calendar years?

Yes, provided your pastor agree to an accelerated training schedule.

What happens if it takes longer than three years?

Not everyone works at the same pace.  If it takes longer, that is fine.  The cost is $250 per calendar year.  It is takes more time, it would increase your cost and the time of your internships would be extended.

Will you accept credits transferred from another college?

Yes – we will accept credits from another college of like faith and practice, based on similarity of class descriptions

Are you an accredited college?

Church Ministries Baptist College is a ministry of a local church.  No accreditation is needed because the church is God-ordained and that applies to all of it’s ministries.  Also, consider the purpose of the college.  This degree is specific in nature and due to it’s specific nature, accreditation really serves no purpose.

How do I know that this is not just a degree mill?

A degree mill will take your money, give you maybe a little homework, and then award you a degree – all without requiring a lot of work, a lot of learning, on your part.  At CMBC – you will have to work for your credits.  The class work is extensive and the internship requires you to work at your local church.  It’s not easy, but you will learn what it takes to minister in your church.

How do I get started?

Fill out and submit the application.  Have your pastor fill out the Pastor Referral form.  Once you have been accepted, you will be sent payment information.  After payment is received, your enrollment information will be sent to you.