A note to prospective students

We are excited you decided to investigate Church Ministries Baptist College.  When we put the program together, I thought back on my time in Bible College and the things I do as a pastor that I never learned in Bible college.

Yes, doctrine is crucially important.  Churches change because the pastor of a church discards the doctrine of the Word.  Yes, we should know what we believe about music, and why the King James is the Word of God preserved for English speaking people.  Churches change when the pastor forgets those crucial truths. Yes, as a pastor we should be able to rightfully divide the Word of Truth.

Yet, who knew when I went to Bible college that the ministry would be great if we had no people challenges?  Who knew that the pastor would deal with detailed finances, such ministry leadership decisions and more.  Most Bible colleges are great on the academics, but do not equip the pastor for all the challenges of dealing with the church as a customer service business, yet, practically speaking, that is what the church is.

This is where the practical aspect of Church Ministries Baptist College stands out.  Not only do you get solid academics, but your pastor gives you the on the job training in dealing with the ministries of the church.  This is crucial for success in going forward for Christ.

Look around. Check out the programs.  Pray. Consult with your pastor – you will not be able to attend without his support. Decide. Trust God.

May God bless you as you seek to follow Him more closely!

Dr. Chris Grimbilas
New Life Baptist Church
Church Ministries Baptist College