About Us

Church Ministries Baptist College (CMBC) is exactly what it says it is…. a Baptist school of higher learning that specializes in training men and women to serve in the ministries of a local church.  We are a ministry of a local church, New Life Baptist Church located in Jay, Maine.

CMBC recognizes the fact that a traditional Bible college is not for everyone.  Pastor Grimbilas, of New Life Baptist Church, packed up his wife and two children to move halfway across the country for the purpose of attending Bible college in 1989.  Not everyone can do that.  For some, going away to Bible college is the right thing to do.  The children in the Grimbilas family have all grown up and gone off to Bible college.  For others, it is not a realistic opportunity.  There are families that would love to train for ministry, but can not, for any number of reasons, pack up and move away.  For those families, CMBC may be the answer they need.

Traditional Bible college focus on educating young people in the Word of God and that is their purpose.  In terms of practical ministry experience, however, students are often limited to working with children, working on bus routes, maybe teaching a children’s Sunday school class, or working in junior church.  While understanding children’s ministries is an important aspect of ministry, it is not all of ministry.  At CMBC, we want the students to be involved in all areas of ministry….working with children and adults, working on building maintenance and in the music ministry, working with deacons and the church budget.  Our students will get a well rounded and broad range of church experience.

All that experience comes under the watchful eye and guidance of the pastor of their local church.  We expect our students to serve and be a blessing to their home church.  it is important that the pastor of the church gives the students direction and opportunity to grow.  Jesus Christ built people.  he took a rag tag group of uneducated men, taught them, and built them until they could go forward and turn the world upside down for Christ.  We want to provide pastors with the help in their local churches so that their churches can turn their communities upside down for Christ.  CMBC is that kind of training ground.

We are not for everyone.  New Life Baptist Church is an independent, Bible believing church and all our classes are taught from that perspectives.  We are traditional in our music and our music classes explain that.  We are traditional in Scripture, using only the King James Bible in our church and our classes.  For a list of what we believe, you can click here for the New Life Baptist Church statement of faith.

If you have other questions, please check the FAQ page.  For extra details, you can also email us at cmbc@newlifeinjay.org.  We hope we will be a blessing to you.